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Exhibiting Art in Georgian Ireland

To mark the restoration of the City Assembly House and to celebrate the Society of Artists in Ireland who erected the building over 250 years ago, the Irish Georgian Society hosted an exhibition from 16 June to 29 July 2018 of eighteenth-century Irish paintings. Celebrating the building’s original incarnation as the first purpose-built public gallery in Britain and Ireland, the exhibition reassembled paintings, including those byThomas Roberts, Jonathan Fisher, James Forrester, Robert Carver, Robert Healy and Hugh Douglas Hamilton, in the room in which they were first displayed between 1766 and 1780. What made this exhibition even more exciting was hanging these paintings in a ‘salon’ style hang, as they were first exhibited.

This 20 minute film was commissioned to accompany the exhibition and show the work that went in to curating the exhibition, the detective work that went in to tracing the original works or representational works by the original artists